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Our Stomping Grounds

One of me and Dearest Carl’s favorite warm weather activities is hiking. Every so often, when we have a free Saturday, we pack up a lunch and drive to one of the many gorgeous State Parks for a day off the screens, getting some exercise and having fun together. It’s almost like vacationing for a day! I know some of you won’t be able to get away from jobs and schedules this summer, so I wanted to give you the goods on our favorite stomping grounds in hopes that you won’t have to miss out on adventure altogether.
Turkey Run State Park has to be one of my very top favorite hiking places ever. My family has been going there since I was a kid and it has the best hiking trails, hands down. The park has an inn and pool and there are opportunities right outside the park to canoe and tube down Sugar Creek. The trails start across the long suspension bridge and from there, you can hike miles through forest and gorges and streams. Make sure you wear your dirtiest outside shoes because you WILL get wet and muddy. It’s super fun!
Shades State Park is very close to Turkey Run. We’ve been there twice and each time enjoyed it a lot. There isn’t really much there but trails and picnic areas so it seems a bit less crowded than Turkey Run. But the trails are nice and rugged and the views are great!
Mounds State Park is only a little north of where we live. We’ve only been once but it was one big history lesson for me which I loved! There are, of course, the mounds and there is also a neat house on the property that you can walk through and read about the family that lived there. The trails aren’t extensive but they’re pretty, very moderate and good for families with young kids. It was a nice place for a quick trip!
I think we’ve only been to McCormick’s Creek State Park once, but that’s because of the drive, not the park. The trails are great! We got to hike along the creek and none of the trails were super rugged. I would definitely recommend going here if you have a full day to spare.
We’ve also been to Clifty Falls, Pokagon, Fort Harrison, Lincoln, Indiana Dunes, Charlestown, and Whitewater Memorial. We hiked, swam, camped, and made lots of memories for which there are few pictures. They’re all good places though!
So lace up your hiking boots and get out there!
(Top Image via Keep Dreaming)

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