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My Vacation Essentials (and a Giveaway!)

Everybody has their own vacation essentials. Those things you just can’t take a trip without. Maybe it’s a pair of flip flops. Maybe it’s headphones. Maybe it’s that song you have to play at least once. Whatever it is, it just isn’t vacation without it. I have several things on my own list that I’m getting ready to pack up next week. Six to be exact.

– First, I can’t go anywhere without some good lip balm. I discovered that my beloved Rosebud Salve isn’t the best thing to take, considering it melts in a hot car, so my second go to is Burt’s Bees (big surprise. 😉 ). I usually have at least one stick in my purse and another in my roadtrip bag. 

– Music! What is a roadtrip without a good playlist, right? Dearest Carl and I will turn up the movie tunes or Owl City usually. But I have lots of other songs that I enjoy on my earbuds.  

– Have you ever used body oil mist? I discovered J.R. Watkins Coconut Milk and Honey Body Oil Mist last summer and have never looked back. It’s the perfect thing to rub onto freshly shaven legs or tanned arms. Pretty much, great natural moisturizer for daytime adventures. 

– Hellooooo snacks. When I’ve got my SSFC, I’m good to go. Roadtrip snacks are such an art, aren’t they? 

– One of my favorite things to do while driving in the car or during any vacation downtime is pull out a good book. Usually when I go on vacation, I choose a book that I’ve read several times and love. Nothing brain stretching or challenging, just fun and getting reacquainted with old characters. It’s the stuff of vacation.  

– You might have thought that I left the bag in the picture for looks but actually, I NEED a big tote when I go on vacation. Seriously, it’s one of the best things! I bought the one above from Forever 21, especially for our vacation this year. It holds my books and our snacks and phone chargers and keeps all my vacation essentials easily accessible. Making it a vacation essential itself!

Since my vacation essentials are obviously so good, I couldn’t help but share with you! Enter my very first giveaway below and you could win one of my favorite reads (A retelling of Pride and Prejudice from a “below stairs” perspective. It’s like Jane Austen went to Downton Abbey!!) plus your own lip balm and body oil mist! Good luck!

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