My Summer Jam

Jamming in the car, whether you’re going on a long roadtrip or just to the store, requires an epic playlist. Dearest Carl and I don’t see eye to eye on our tunes, but he will put up with mine for a while. So we go back and forth between soundtracks and my favs. By far, the best soundtrack for driving in Tennessee is The Last of The Mohicans, probably because part of that movie was filmed there. When it comes to my playlist though, it’s kinda all over the place. Some easy listening, some dancin’ beats, and absolutely no country. If you’re looking for something to blare on your way to anywhere, here’s a playlist of my summertime jam:

Groovy, right? I’ve been listening to these tunes all summer. Even Dearest Carl has started humming to a few. Yay! 😉 Vacation is going to be fantastic.

What are you listening to? Do you have any roadtrip must haves?

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