August Reading

Happy August! I’m diving headfirst into a crazy week, getting work done and prepping for vacation. Since August holds so much doing and seeing and learning and being, I’ve decided to take the month off blogging. It seems like such a long time, sitting here at the beginning of it, but it’s going to fly faster than you’d believe.

I couldn’t just up and leave you with nothing to read though, so here are a bunch of links to past posts on the blog! Maybe something will fit your fancy.

A succulentastic DIY

Summertime Date Night

Homemaking tips

What makes you happy?

A couple cold drinks


Take good iPhone pictures

We’re getting there

Go get outside

Our house story

Snacking on the road

Think about it

Listen Up

Go To Beauty Products

I’m still proud of this

Maybe my favorite

Oh the memories

Make it a date

Now I have one!

It’s almost here

Some great recipes here

Endless Frivolity

I hope you have a wonderful month, full of adventures and ice cream and enjoying the last summer days!

(Image via That Kind of Woman)

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