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What We’re Eating

Good morning! I know it’s the last day of August but I couldn’t stay away one minute longer. While this month has been so full of adventures and fun and stories to tell, I missed blogging! It’s funny how writing here is such a necessity for me. I have words that need to get out! And it makes me happy that there are some people willing to listen. 🙂

Okay, so let me briefly catch you up on the last month. Since we said goodbye, Dearest Carl and I went on a glorious two week vacation which included all of the following: mountains, candy, card games, sleeping in, bears, swimming, adventuring (don’t worry, I will expound next week!). I learned to play Minecraft and am now pretty much addicted, if you can’t tell by the circles under my eyes. Dearest Carl finished putting gravel into our patio pit as well as pouring the concrete footers for our pergola. I enjoyed a surprise visit from Melissa and she treated me to my first mani/pedi (dusty purple in case you were wondering 😉 ). I went to my church’s Women’s Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday and it was one of the best events yet! Both Dearest Carl and I are still working on polishing off all the vacation candy we brought home. In short, it was a month for the books.

Now we’re working on getting back into the swing of things (which Minecraft may or may not be helping with…) and I’m looking forward to Fall temperatures and pumpkin decor and cinnamon candles.

The menu is a pretty good one this week so without further ado, here you go!

Monday: Cheese, Baked Brie and Crackers
Tuesday: Eating out someplace for our anniversary! (Carl won’t tell me.)
Wednesday: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches and Chips
Thursday: BLT Wraps and Chips
Friday: Homemade Burgers and Corn on the Cob

So! Did you miss me? What have you been up to this month? Give me a reader update, guys!
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  1. YESSSSSSS I did=)

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