The Great Vacation Pt I: Gatlinburg

As promised, I’ve brought home tons of pictures from our epic two week vacation! So I’ve chosen the bits I thought you’d enjoy hearing about. Buckle up!

Our first few days in TN we spent with my sister-in-law Sarah and her husband Charles. They live right outside Gatlinburg in a wonderful little house on top of a mountain with two large dogs and a gaggle of chickens (gaggle?). The photo above is the view from their porch. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw that. It’s one of the most peaceful scenes ever.

Here’s how the weekend went. Saturday Dearest Carl went on a super long hike and I stayed behind to read and watch one of my favorite movies and play with the dogs. Roman (in the photo above) was especially fond of us. Sunday we made a cheesecake, explored the Smokey Mountain Knife Works, went on a nighttime picnic on the river and then came home to eat said cheesecake and take pictures of the Milky Way from their porch. It was a fantastic way to start off vacation!

Monday, while Sarah and Charles were at work, Dearest Carl and I did a little window shopping and mainly spent the day relaxing. Tuesday we packed up, said goodbye to Sarah and Charles, and went for a mile hike up a mountain to a waterfall… otherwise known as the hike where I almost died. Hiking up a mountain is HARD people! But hiking down is easier and we made it to our next place just in time to catch my family’s arrival!

We actually didn’t get a lot of pictures with my family…. (oops) We went for a couple hikes, swam in the pool, saw a real live wild bear (Woot!), played card games, waded in a mountain river, watched Dr. Who, read and hung out together. It was a grand time! The pictures above are from the day that Dearest Carl and the guys hiked up Chimney Tops. Us girls stayed home for some grocery shopping and swimming. 
These pictures you’ve already seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook but I thought I’d include them anyway cause I love them.
Top left: The cast iron store that Dearest Carl and I visited. It was kinda crazy, some of the things they have!
Top right: Sarah and Charles’ view out the porch door one morning. One of my all time favorite vacation pictures.
Bottom left: The morning we went to The Pancake Pantry with my family. I ordered Peach Raspberry crepes which were filled with some kind of cheesecake filling. Best. Crepes. Ever.
Bottom right: Dearest Carl and I at Five Guys the day before we left. It was a day of running errands and packing and prepping for Lincoln State Park and really, putzing around Gatlinburg with that guy was one of my favorite days.
While we were kinda sad to leave on Sunday, we were looking forward to our next week at LSP! But you’ll have to come back for those pictures. 🙂 Stay tuned for Pt II!

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