2015 Fall Movies

When we get to Fall, it’s easy to gloss over all of the upcoming movies straight to the big one in December. I mean, another Star Wars? How on earth can we wait! Thankfully there are a couple movies coming out in the next few months that look very interesting! I’ll admit, most of the time Dearest Carl and I wait until it hits Redbox or even the library before we check things out. But these four I may just pay the price to see:

– Release Date: October 2nd
– Why I want to see it: So I wasn’t exactly the first one in our house to express interest in this movie. Dearest Carl told me about it first and I was intrigued because my husband doesn’t go for hardly any movies (The Hobbit is ended. What else is there to live for?). THEN I saw a preview for it and I was totally sucked in. A movie about a man stuck on another planet trying to figure out how to survive? Let’s do this.
– Release Date: October 9th
– Why I want to see it: Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved Peter Pan. The idea of having a special place with mermaids and adventures and no bed times and you can fly is enchanting! I’ve seen every adaption I could get my hands on, plus Finding Neverland, AND the broadway version (to which I can sing along). So when I heard about this one, it was settled. I have to see it.
– Release Date: October 23
– Why I want to see it: If you have known me for any length of time, you know my undying devotion to period piece anything. I’m pretty sure I saw the preview for this movie when Dearest Carl took me to see Far From The Madding Crowd and it immediately went on the list. I don’t know much about the suffragettes besides the fact that they tied themselves to fence posts and the mother of Mary Poppin’s charges was one (“Our daughters daughters will adore us…”). So being a period piece and a part of history that’s unknown to me, I’m interested!…… And Carey Mulligan.
– Release Date: November 20
– Why I want to see it: Before you groan, hear me out. So far, I’ve seen each one of these with my sister-in-law and, not having read the books beforehand, I’ve enjoyed them! I fully intend to finish out the saga, with my sister-in-law and a big bucket of popcorn.
Now it’s your turn. Tell me some of the movies you’re looking forward to this Fall! Did I miss one that is going to be amazing?

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