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My Top 5 Fall Date Ideas

Raise your hand if you get stuck in a date rut. Us too. Going out to dinner is an easy pick and if there’s a movie you’ve been wanting to see, bonus! It makes it hard to get out though when you have a month with little to no date money. Since Fall is my favorite season, I’ve been thinking about some fun ways to spend time with Dearest Carl without needing cash and I kept coming back to these five ideas. So I thought I should share the wealth and maybe help some of you get creative with your Fall date nights!

Go for a bike ride together! Fall has some of the BEST weather of the year so it shouldn’t take much convincing to get you out there. Take an evening after dinner and enjoy the evening light and the colored leaves while you glide on the pavement. Bike rides are also a great time to dream and plan together. Just a tip. 🙂

Go to the apple orchard! Usually their smallest bag doesn’t cost much if you want to pick your own or you can just munch on a caramel apple. The little orchard near us serves apple slushies which is a huge favorite for a few quarters. The bottom line, it’s a fun Fall adventure with little expense.

Have a bonfire! Is there anything cozier in the Fall? Make some hot cider for the two of you, grab the coziest blanket you can find and spend an evening snuggling against the chilly air and watching the stars come out. More dreaming and talking time can be inserted here. 😉

Go for a picnic! Not only is it an excuse to have sandwiches and fruit for dinner, it makes the meal much more fun. Pick up some really good bread for those sandwiches and a bottle of your favorite soda the next time you’re at the store. Then whether it’s in your backyard or at the park, your picnic will seem like a real date night.

Play video games! You have to admit that sometimes the Fall weather just doesn’t agree with us. If it’s freezing and spitting rain outside, pop some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch for some good ol’ Mario Cart. Dearest Carl and I love playing Minecraft and Age of Empires on these nights. Whatever you play, not only will it be a fun different evening, your husband will be happy.

Obviously date night means no kids, but if you’re in a spot that you don’t have a sitter, that is the nice part about these five picks. You can make each of them a family date night!

What are some of your favorite Fall date night ideas?

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