10 Things I’m Loving

Fall is my favorite season so I rejoiced when it was cool enough to open windows! It feels so nice to have the clean fresh Fall breeze rush through the house. And of course Charlie spends all day trotting from window to window, watching the birds or our neighborhood cats. He probably loves open windows even more than I do.
I’ve been lusting over navy nail polish since last Fall but I couldn’t find Essie’s version… until now! I just love it so much. It reminds me of the night sky, black on first look but swirls of blue and faraway sparkles if you look closer. This will probably be on my nails until March.
Because it’s getting cold, we’ve started cuddling up with blankets and leaving our bedroom door open at night. Both of those scenarios are like sending the cat a snuggling invitation. If we’re sitting on the couch, he has to be right in between us. Often at night, I will wake up to the feel of him sleeping on my legs. He’s my favorite.
I got these boots a couple weeks ago because I’d been wanting some simple plain booties to wear this Fall. I fully expected them to be wear-to-church-because-they-aren’t-super-comfortable boots. I was wrong. Turns out these are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I can wear them forever and my feet don’t hurt which is pretty much a miracle.
Yes yes, everybody is raving over the PSL. And while pumpkin spice is good, I’m kind of addicted to Starbuck’s new Fall drink, the Toasted Graham Latte. It’s not as sweet as the PSL and I love the different taste! If you’ve not had one yet, go right now. You need to try it.
If you know me, you know that I cheat with Downton Abbey. I’m currently watching Season 6 (the last one 🙁 ) with Britain and OH MY GOSH!!!! Every Monday I look forward to watch the new episode and this season is so good so far, it will make me extra sad when it’s over! I will spare you any spoilers.

I’m in the middle of this book and pretty much adoring it. This is the third Nancy Moser book I’ve read and I think she’s one of my new favorite authors. I love how it’s written in first person so you not only get the circumstances of the main character, you also are privy to their inner thoughts and feelings. Definitely a book I recommend!

Our patio. I just love our patio! It’s finally finished and just in time for plenty of bonfires! Dearest Carl has worked so very hard on it, through the hot and cold and rain so now it’s my turn to plan as many bonfires as the weather allows so we can eat our fill of hot dogs and s’mores.

Soup is possibly my favorite food group. That’s why as soon as I got married, I started on our Monday Soups. It’s so nice to have my favorite food to look forward to on Monday nights and it’s the perfectly cozy meal for this weather. Plus, we get to eat delicious leftovers all week!
So I’m 23 years old and I’m quite stuck on Minecraft. Why is it so addicting? Well, it’s a really good way to decompress in my free time. It’s a way I can be creative (because you have to get creative when you’re building with blocks) and it’s something I can usually put away without the relentless need for more, unlike a TV show. And Dearest Carl and I can play together which is fun. 🙂
What are you loving this Fall?
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