How I Stay Organized

I’m a wife, writer, assistant at my church and also the head of the my church’s Women’s Ministry. That means I have a lot of things I have to remember on a daily basis. It’s a good thing I’m a to do list kind of person. Checking things off is my specialty! For a while, I kept up a paper list, but it was kind of inconvenient to carry it around all the time. So I started my search for a to do list that I could use from my computer and my phone. And I found one! Meet my secret weapon to organization: Todoist.

I’ve been using the basic version for a few months now and it meets all my listing needs! I can categorize things by projects within a day. I can make to do lists a week ahead of time and even schedule something for a future day so when I get there, I won’t forget. I get the satisfaction from checking things off a list. I can get to it from my computer or from the app on my phone. I’ve even got Dearest Carl starting to use it. It’s pretty fantastic. If you’re on the market for something to help keep you organized, try this out! Now I can go check putting this post together off my list.

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