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An Interview with Kristi Albert

Lately I’ve have marriage and homemaking on my mind. I’ve been reading books about both and praying for people I know who have been married recently and are learning to do both! One of those people is my friend, Kristi. When I was thinking about who I’d like to interview this month, this lovely lady kept coming to mind. I thought it would be wonderful to hear about what she’s learning about marriage and homemaking as a young wife and thankfully, she was willing to share with me! So without further ado, here’s a bit about Kristi Michelle Albert and her dapper husband, DJ!

What do you do?
Learning to be the best wife in the world to my husband and executive of our home (The Nest). I’m also a Professional Photographer currently shooting on a part time basis as I work on rebranding my business. 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
First thing in the morning, a glass of Lemon water and usually a large smoothie. 

Favorite scent/smell?
Kate Spade: Live Color Fully

Three things that make you do a happy dance:
1) Any kind of surprises from my husband (not surprises in general, just his They are the best). 
2) When I capture an image exactly how I see it in my head.
3) Getting a letter or package in the mail. 

Your favorite bedtime ritual?
Watching an episode of something while DJ rubs my feet (this is most every evening or every other evening). Then reading aloud our favorite devotional by Paul David Tripp and praying together before bed. 

One person that inspires you and why?
Oh without a doubt: Corrie ten Boom. 

Her story: “The Hiding Place” inspires and challenges me. Hardly a day goes by wherein I don’t think about Corrie. I love her raw honesty about experiences in life and her relationship with Jesus. Her directness and vulnerable openness has always provided such comfort to me in my walk with Christ. Corrie doubted, feared and battled and yet, in the end, she chose Jesus regardless of all the pain, hardships and losses in her life. 

How long have you been married?
We just celebrated six delightful months of marriage!

What is one blessing from being a wife that is exactly what you expected?
The incredible blessing of being on the same team as my husband, supporting and helping each other through hard days and happy moments. Doing life together was exactly what I hoped, which is much to my husband’s credit! DJ was very intentional in creating healthy habits in our dating relationship which directly transferred into our marriage relationship. While dating, he was constantly casting a vision and giving me an idea of how he felt the Lord was leading our marriage to look like, that is something I absolutely love about him. 

One blessing that took you by surprise?
One of the lies I have believed over the years is that “I am not wanted”, I’ve learned such freedom in choosing to believe Truth over this lie that Jesus wants me and has created me for a purpose and given me a new identity in Christ! 

When DJ began to date me, he was a beautiful example of God’s love for me. After we were married however, it really took me by surprise that after two and three and four and five months. . .  my husband doesn’t get tired of me!! He still gets excited about coming home from work and seeing me everyday. It has brought such healing to my heart and new found freedom in my Identity in Christ. 

What does homemaking mean for you?
Homemaking: working to build a warm, inviting and safe atmosphere through investing my heart and time into our home through prayer and intentionally living the Gospel. Whether through food, serving, decorating, cleaning or general orderliness. 

How do you put that into practice in your home?
Words like: simplicity, beautiful, intentional, minimal are all constantly in my heart as I keep our little Nest. If we don’t use it, we get rid of it! If it doesn’t add to the beauty, inspiration and simplicity of our lives, we resell it. It might sound extreme, but already it has added so much to our home to start learning the habit of minimizing.

Part of the joy of minimal living is I find it easier to clean! Less clutter and things are more organized! My daily goal is to have the dishes washed and the kitchen cleaned up and everything put away before bed . . . simply wiping down the counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms with Mrs. Meyers cleaner makes such a difference. I also do a 45 minute clean through of the house twice a week and that seems to work well for me. 

Adding simple touches of beauty in an intentional way can create an entirely new and lovely atmosphere: lighting a candle, a milk jug with flowers, a framed quote on the table, beautiful music in the background, laying out the food with a more gourmet touch. My current passion is keeping our Master Suite tidy and beautiful! The rest of the house can collect stuff but the Master Suite is sacred. Making the bed every morning, straightening things up, putting clothes away, etc. DJ and I also have a “no outside communications” rule in our bedroom. Cell phones and laptops are not allowed in our room as it is time for just “us”. 

Thank you for sharing with me, Kristi!

It’s so nice to know newlyweds. They make you remember the butterflies and flirting of young love, even when it’s not quite so young anymore. Don’t you agree?


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  2. This is so fun! I can't wait to get back into blogging. Thank you, again Casey!

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