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What We’re Eating

Hello Monday and November! I hope you are all nursing your Halloween candy hangover with coffee this morning. It’s the only way.

Did everybody have a good weekend? We certainly did! Here’s the play by play. Saturday morning I had coffee with my sweet friend, Dearest Carl finished building our raised beds (hello 2016 garden!) and we had the in-laws over for a bonfire and pumpkin carving and scary movie watching in the evening. After church on Sunday, we finally went to Chinese for lunch (yay for sushi!) and went costume hunting at Goodwill for the Drumstick Dash, had a great nap and then we got to have dinner and spend the evening with the Watkins and out of town sister and brother-in-law. It was busy, my house isn’t completely recovered and I’m sitting in a happy glow of productivity and party-ness.

This week I’m prepping for our church’s Ladies Retreat and getting my writing done in the meantime. Monday soups have been postponed since we’ll be hanging out with the out of towners again tonight. But familiar faces is always worth it!

Monday: With the Watkins Fam
Tuesday: Seafood Chowder (My own recipe with crab, shrimp, potatoes, corn, bacon bits, onion, and leftover shrimp stock from another recipe), Cheddar Biscuits
Wednesday: Pancakes
Thursday: Mom’s Chicken Casserole
Friday: Pizza

What coziness are you eating this week?

(Image via @minnesotawwi)

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