A Week in the Life

It took me a while to actually decide on the topic of this post. Most people write about a day in their life. I’ve done that before. But nowadays, all my days are so different! So instead of shrouding six days in mystery, I decided why not give you a peek into a normal work week? Because there is no cubicle anywhere in it.

Monday: Research day! I usually spend my morning laying out my to do list for the week, posting my weekly menu and gathering the images and scripture/quotes for my church’s instagram. Then Dearest Carl and I have lunch and I spend the afternoon gathering content for my assigned Homedit posts for the week.

Tuesday: This day is church day. I drive up to my church, put together the PowerPoint for Sunday, edit the previous Sunday’s sermon and post it online, edit next week’s bulletin and any other various things my dad (the pastor) needs done. When I get home, I’ll write a Homedit article if I have the motivation but if not, I’ll work on blog content for the week. Since Dearest Carl has Bible Study on this night, I have to watch the clock so I can have dinner ready before he leaves. Then I spend my evening catching up on my favorite shows. 🙂

Wednesday: This day is writing day. Usually I get one article written in the morning and one article written in the afternoon. If I have extra time, I’ll work on blog content or clean or read. Iced coffee is my motivator on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Thursdays are my flex days. If I didn’t get an article written on Tuesday, I’ll spend my morning doing that. If I got behind on my cleaning schedule, I’ll catch up. The nice part about this day is that if my mom or a friend randomly wants to go to coffee or shopping, this day allows me to say yes! I know that if I don’t get to something earlier in the week, I can get it done on Thursday. I love that about my jobs.

Friday: These days are pretty domestic for me. Friday mornings I go to the grocery. After lunch I print the church’s bulletin and deliver it to my dad. Then there is usually cleaning to do and baking to do and catching up to do on Blog Lovin’. If we have weekend plans, I’ll add laundry to that list. All of this is done to the sound of something you can dance to.

Obviously I love on my kitty all week because he’s adorable and wonderful. That’s possibly my favorite part of the work week. 🙂

What motivates you during your week? Which day is your favorite?

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