On The Nightstand

Guys, I’ve been doing really good with my reading goal this year! I’m currently 2.5 books away from having read 12 books in a year! Plus, since I’ve been reading before bed more often, I got Dearest Carl into reading with me. Double win!

Since the time change, it’s much easier to go to bed earlier and read for an hour… or two, before we turn out the lights. It’s so cozy to wind down that way together; snuggled under the covers, the cat purring away, each of us laughing at our own stories. If you’re looking for a new set of pages to keep you company, here’s what we’re reading at the moment.

For the past few months, Dearest Carl has been reading through A Series of Unfortunate Events. Currently he is on book 9 and he keeps me abreast of the Baudelaires’ adventures. It is so fun to listen to him laugh as he reads! Sometimes he will speed through half a book within the space of one of my chapters so it challenges me to read faster. He’s going to need suggestions for reading material pretty soon so send ’em my way!
I’ve never thought of myself as a multi book reader, but I’ve discovered this past year that I read non-fiction better when I have some fiction to break it up. This month I’ve been going through the second half of Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas and it’s just wonderful. I recommend it for all married people, no matter how newly married. It really puts your relationship with your spouse in perspective and makes you feel the real weight of responsibility. Because marriage is a huge responsibility and too many of us go into it lightly. Anyway, read it!
For November’s fiction, I started Henry Tilney’s Diary by Amanda Grange. I have all but one of her Jane Austen themed diaries and they’re so fun to read. They’re also easy to read so I can fly through them if I’m behind. It’s only November 11 and I’m already half way through so I imagine I’ll be able to get a head start on December’s reading. But anyway, I’m loving this one so far! Getting in Henry Tilney’s head has possibly made him my favorite Austen hero. As of yet, he is a respectful son, an attentive and loving brother to his only sister and on the hunt for his own “heroine” as he calls her. But he just met Miss Morland so I know it won’t be long until he’s head over heels.
So that’s what’s on our nightstands. What’s on yours?

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