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My Scrambled Eggs

If you read a food blog or a chef’s interview or an article about the easiest secret recipes, you’re going to find something about scrambled eggs. Everyone has their own recipe that they swear makes the best scrambled eggs you’ll ever eat. I’ve read so many different ways of cooking eggs and I beg to differ. MY scrambled eggs are definitely the best. My secret? Milk and tender loving care. Literally. Here’s how I make them:

– Crack the eggs into a bowl and put in about a tablespoon of milk per egg. Using a fork or a whisk, beat mixture until it is well blended together.
– Melt a pat of butter in the frying pan.
– Once butter is bubbly, pour on your egg mixture.
– Use a spatula to constantly stir and flip and move until the eggs are cooked.
– Serve warm with salt and pepper.

So milk is definitely the first secret but the constant stirring is the second! If you leave scrambled eggs alone too long, you get an uneven texture. I personally like my eggs cooked more thoroughly than most so I keep stirring mine until there is no sign of runny-ness or uncooked egg anywhere.

But that’s it! You can play with the amount of milk until it’s to your taste. Now go get out your spatula!

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