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What We’re Eating

Good morning! To be completely honest, I debated writing this post at all. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, my week is full of not cooking and being with family instead! But I’ve got a great crock pot soup cooking for tonight and I’m making these Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake Bars to take on Thanksgiving and Friday I’ll have a pot full of my famous hot chocolate to sip on while we listen to Christmas music and untangle strings of lights. So even though I’m not cooking too much, we’re still going to be eating quite well!

Monday: Crock Pot Beer Cheese Soup and Soft Pretzels
Tuesday: Pizza Rolls
Wednesday: Annual Rice Night with my family (to put our upcoming turkey feast in perspective)
Thursday: Thanksgiving! You obviously know what this includes because we’re probably eating the same things.
Friday: TBD. We’re putting up our Christmas decorations this day so it kinda depends on what we feel like doing come dinner time.

Okay now the time for polls has come. What is THE Thanksgiving dish you’re looking forward to? It’s those mashed potatoes for me!
(Image via @findinglouie)

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