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Gift Guide: Her

Aren’t girls so much fun to buy for? I have issues with it. I could spend a fortune buying gifts for my mother and my sisters and my girlfriends. But when you find that most perfect present, it’s hard not to go ahead and purchase it! Just so we’re on the same page, if you scroll through this gift guide and find that most perfect present for that girl you know, I give you full permission to purchase it. K?

Bud Vase – $16: Isn’t this gilded vase a beauty? I can see this full of lilac snips from by bushes come spring. Or maybe as a diffuser with bamboo sticks.

Pocket Notebook – $7: Some floral patterns are too cutesy and yet others are too… much muchness. The rosy pattern on this little notebook is just the thing to make her smile whenever she needs to jot something down.

Rosebud Salve – $8: If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you knew that I was going to suggest rosebud salve as a gift. Come on. Perfect stocking stuffer right here!

Faux Geode Earrings – $5: They’re pink and elegant and sparkly. They’ll look smashing tied against her name card on the top of her present. That’s a wrapping win.

Measuring Spoons – $20: Not only are they simply beautiful, they’re enamel. Which means your Bakerella friend in her rustic kitchen must have a set.

Sleeping Cat Print – $18: This is for your friend who is a closet cat lady. Take it from one who knows.

IKEA Dish Towels – $4: I know you’re thinking “Dish towels?” but really these are awesome. They look amazing and they wash well. Use them in place of gift wrap for another wrapping win.
Sea Salt Scrub – $16: We girls know how important salt scrub is for smooth skin during the winter. A pink scrub like this will make her feel like a princess.
Darling Magazine – $20: I got another year’s subscription for Christmas and I did a happy dance. You can buy your girlfriend one issue as a gift and once she falls in love, slam on a year’s worth.
Glazed Mug – $10: For the lady who is constantly drinking coffee or tea or some such hot beverage, a gorgeous simple mug like this won’t go amiss. And you’ve got three colors to choose from!

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