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Gift Guide: Them

Growing up with younger siblings and then being a nanny for multiple years, I’ve had a first hand experience with the toy box. Often, it is filled with toys that kid’s play with for the first week after their birthday… that then float to the bottom of the basket while the favorite toys come out to play. This being the case, it’s made me a picky gift-giver for the kids I know. While books are always a hit, I do like finding toys that encourage imaginative play and puzzles that build the brain! So you won’t find any Barbies or Hot Wheels in this post. No, this is a one of a kind gift guide for kids.

Baby Lit Books – Average $7 per book: I’ve bought a few of these as gifts for little ones and they’re by far my favorite board books out there. I mean, Pride and Prejudice for babies? You betcha!

Coffee Maker Play Set – $18: It’s a universal thing. Little kids want to be just like mommy and daddy. So gift them their own Keurig for Christmas that won’t be a light-up plastic eyesore in your living room.

Placemat Doodle Pad – $14: Kids will look forward to dinner time when they have a coloring sheet at their place. Whether they finish their food first or not is up to you.

Spot It Jr. – $9: We bought this for a niece a year or so ago and I’m told it was a huge hit! You might be surprised how easily they will beat you at this game.

Field Scope – $13: For the kids that just adore being outside, gift them a special microscope that will let them examine all bugs and flowers and blades of grass come spring.

Finger Puppets – $5: From the moment they open these finger puppets, it will always be story time.

Road Tape – $13: They already have a few hundred Hot Wheels in the bottom of their toy box. This road tape will encourage them to play with them more.

Dinnertime Doodle Markers – $13: For the artsy kids, let them decorate their dishes with these food-safe markers before dinner. It might even help your littlest ones eat their veggies.

Tangram Puzzle – $7: Have you ever done a tangram puzzle? They’re super fun with different levels of difficulty so you can buy it for elementary age kids and then add to their puzzle collection as they get older!

Family Bucket List – $18: This one made me smile. Gifting this to your kids this Christmas is basically a promise that you’ll spend some quality time with them in the coming year. You can easily DIY this idea too.

Just in case you missed them, here are the gift guides for him and her. Happy shopping! 8 days!!!

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