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What We’re Eating

Can you believe that it’s only four more sleeps until Christmas? It doesn’t really feel like it’s so close. This week I’m taking off writing so I’ll be wrapping gifts and making Christmas candy and listening to all the Christmas music I can handle. Somehow, we also still have to watch two Christmas movies! Nothing like cramming it all into three days, huh?

So since Christmas is this week, our menu is short and not very sweet because of all the Christmas candy we’re going to be eating later.

Monday: TBD – We’re going to see Star Wars sometime today so it kind of depends on that.
Tuesday: Pancakes
Wednesday: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese (leftover from last week)
Thursday: Christmas Eve! We always eat with my family but I’ll be bringing this Crock Pot Lasagna.
Friday: Christmas! This means the traditional fare with my father’s side of the family.

What kinds of Christmas-y food are you looking forward to this week?
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