Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Hello 2016! I’m all for New Years Day being on a Friday. It kinda sorta feels like we have two Saturdays this weekend, wouldn’t you agree? Dearest Carl has his super fun plans this weekend to go ice skating and then travel to watch a Purdue basketball game with my dad and bros. My plans consist of drinking coffee and putting away our Christmas decorations and hanging out with a couple cool girls I know. It’s gonna be a good one!

How are you starting off the new year?

One minute to say goodbye before we say hello

Favorite printable planner out there!

This is happening someday

Lovely use of vintage

Because a new year deserves cake

For all those scarves and hoodies

I keep coming back to this

Rejoice one and all!

Have a great weekend!

(Image via For Emma Forever Ago)

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