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What We’re Eating

Who’s ready for Monday? It made it a little better that I woke up to a bright sky and a tiny bit of snow. And there’s blueberry scones for breakfast…

I have to say, I’m actually excited about this month! We put away all our Christmas decorations last weekend and now we’re thinking about moving furniture and our upcoming living room renovations. Isn’t knocking down walls exciting? Plus now that all the festivities are over, we can return to our usual Monday soups and some other cozy recipes. Which you’ll see I’m taking full advantage of this week!

Monday: French Onion Soup
Tuesday: Pot Roast and Roasted Ginger Honey Carrots
Wednesday: Quiche
Thursday: Strawberry Dark Chocolate Brie Grilled Cheese and Leftover Quiche
Friday: Guacamole and Chili Con Queso

What are you starting off your new year eating?
(Image via We Heart It)

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