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My Top 8 Cozy Recipes

Fall is my favorite season but winter makes a really close second. I love the days where we get to stay home and make the house as cozy as possible. And for some reason, I have an easier time cooking in the winter because I’m a sucker for cozy recipes. Since we finally got some snow to play with, my mind is whirling with all the cozy things I want to make! But instead of going on and on about them all, I chose my favorites to share with you. Just so you can be cozy too!

1: Pancakes – In my humble opinion, breakfast for dinner is the bomb. We do it regularly. Pancakes are such a cozy recipe, whether you make this cinnamon-y version or your own favorite. It also gives you the opportunity for some kitchen dancing in between flipping.

2: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese – I’m not talking about anything particularly special here. A can of tomato soup, made with milk and minced garlic, and a nice crispy melty grilled cheese to go with it. Match made in Heaven.

3: Fettuccine Alfredo – Tell me, who doesn’t find pasta comforting? I personally love the homemade creamy alfredo sauce. Mainly because no red sauce can compare to my Grandma’s meat marinara so I don’t even try.

4: Fried Chicken – I remember the first time I made fried chicken. I was something akin to terrified. But when you find out that it isn’t actually that hard, you’ll make it again and again. Take that Tyson.

5: Biscuits and Gravy – This is the first recipe I’ve found online that replicates how I made sausage gravy. I learned from my dad who learned from my grandpa. Lazy Girl’s Tip: forgo canned biscuits for Walmart’s frozen biscuits in a bag. Tastes like homemade!

6: Broccoli and Cheese Soup – When the temperature goes south on the thermometer, it’s impossible not to pull out every creamy soup recipe you’ve got. I prefer broccoli and cheese because the green in it means I can pretend it’s healthy.

7: Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes – I discovered this trick the first Fall we were married and have been utilizing it ever since. Once you cook your sweet potatoes in the crock pot, you will never go back. Ever.

8: Popcorn – You’re probably thinking “Popcorn is cozy? Whaaaaa?” Hear me out. Every time we make popcorn, we eat it snuggled up on the couch while we watch a movie and laugh at the insistent cat. It’s definitely one of the coziest places to be during these cold months.

Okay now it’s your turn. What are you cooking up in your kitchen that feels cozy?

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