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It’s time for another 10 things I’m loving, wouldn’t you agree? The last one was all the way back in October! I hope that you’ll check out some of the things I’m loving and be inspired to find some of your own.

Have you read this devotional yet? It came out last year so I feel like I’m probably the last one on the bandwagon, but it was one of my Christmas gifts. Just in time for the New Year! I’m really loving it. Every day, I get a snippet of scripture, a story and something to think about. I wouldn’t really recommend it for new believers as most of the questions seem to be geared towards someone who is used to guiding their reflections toward Christ, but for people that are, it does make you think. And make you intentionally grateful.

Coffeeeeeeeee. The PSL is long gone and Starbucks has run out of red cups and Christmas drinks. So what am I ordering now that the holidays are past? A cinnamon dolce latte. Every single time.
For those that know my at all, IKEA is my soul mate. The week between Christmas and New Years, I went with my mom and sisters and I picked up these pillow covers. On the website, they aren’t exactly the first to catch your eye. But when you see them in the store, they’re linen-like texture makes you think of the simple French rustic style that whispers clean and perfect. They definitely brought a whole new look to my not-so-pretty brown couch.

Anyone who asks, I’ll admit that I listed to weird music. I don’t remember how I found Florence and the Machine, but I’ve listened to my select favorite songs for a long time. Then a week or two ago, I discovered that Amazon Prime (the source of lots of my music) has all three of Flo’s albums! So I can listen to her now for free without the annoying ads! It was one of the best days of my life.

I almost can’t put into words how much I adore this blue sweater. It was another Christmas present and since then, it barely gets cooled down from the dryer before I’m wearing it again. I love how comfy it is, yet nice enough to wear out of the house.
One thing that I love about the new year is the lists. Dearest Carl and I have been making lots of them! Lists for the house, lists of things we’d like to do this year, lists of personal goals. It’s the perfect occasion to break out the favorite notebooks and just start dreaming.
So this is probably the third Christmas present I’ve talked about, but I can’t help it! My mom got me two of these brilliant bowls and I think I’ve already used them a dozen times. In fact, I try to come up with new ways to use them! They’re perfect for soup and crackers, chips and dip, cereal and toast, I could go on.
Show of hands, who watches Call The Midwife? *raises hand* I was very excited to see the Christmas special last year and it sent me all the way back to rewatch from the beginning! I love how this show incorporates such real life problems about that period in history. No glossing over living conditions, no fantasies about the workhouse, no fairytales about birthing. Every show involves happiness and sadness in a perfect mix of sweet melancholy. I highly recommend it!
You know, I think I had the most Christmas gifts I’ve loved this year, because here’s another one! Although this one was from the Watkins Christmas, two days after Thanksgiving, so I’ve had quite a bit of time to fall in love. If I had the bed to myself, this pillow mist would probably be almost gone by now. Truly, it’s so relaxing to slip under the covers and get a whiff of this stuff. If you try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Dearest Carl might tell you differently, but I love that our cat sleeps with us at night. When I feel him snuggled up against my legs or the heavy vibrating purr on my stomach, it just makes me smile. It’s almost the only way that Charlie shows he really loves us. Or maybe he’s just trying to stay warm… Anyway, I think I include Charlie in every 10 things post, but he’s just so cute and wonderful!

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