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What We’re Eating

It’s here! The month of hearts and pink and romance! This morning though, with the warm weather and open window and singing birds, my mind can’t help but think towards spring. Good thing that we have lots of excitement planned to get us through the rest of winter, namely birthday celebrations and Valentine’s Day and a new girls’ Bible Study and house projects. It’s gonna be an awesome month you guys!

This week, I kinda hacked the menu because my birthday is Wednesday. And because I’m the one cooking, I can make what I like, right? Maybe I should do this more often…

Monday: Please May I Have Some More Soup (sausage and cabbage, remember?)
Tuesday: Chinese food from the freezer section
Wednesday: Birthday dinner at The Melting Pot (my favorite!) with Dearest Carl and friends!
Thursday: Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes and Rice
Friday: Birthday dinner with my family

What are you eating this week?
(Image via Riches for Rags)

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