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What We’re Eating

How do you recover from such a weekend you ask? Lots of coffee. Yes, I think I’ve been running purely on coffee since Saturday morning. But that’s okay. It seriously was an epic weekend, though it did further prove to me that late nights are for the birds.

This week is a chance to turn my eyes back to home. There’s some cleaning I’ve neglected for long enough and I have dreams of lemon blueberry scones for breakfast. Along with the usual work, I think it’s going to be a restful and productive week! All starting with one of my favorite soups!

Monday: Crock Pot Chicken and Gnocchi Soup
Tuesday: Cheese and Crackers
Wednesday: Homemade Pizza
Thursday: Quiche with spinach, sausage and onions
Friday: TBD (depending on what’s in the fridge)

What are you eating this week?
(Image via Time Travel Mart)

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