Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Can you believe the weather forecast? I mean, we’re staring spring in the face this weekend! Not that I mind one bit. Though I’ve enjoyed my cozy evenings with soup and candles and books, I’m ready for vases of lilacs and picnics on the patio and breezes fluttering the curtains through open windows. I’m ready to turn the house inside out and clean every nook and cranny. I’m ready to chop up salads for supper. I would say I’m looking forward to iced coffee except I’ve been drinking it even through the cold temperatures… Yes, I’m looking forward to spring and Easter and the fresh flowers that come with it. But for this weekend, I’m planning on making cookies and opening as many windows as Dearest Carl will let me!

We drank the great lakes like cold lemonade

Rose goldify everything

For the romantics

Dreamy bedroom tips

My desk needs one

Summer dreaming much?

$350 and two weekends to gorgeous

Debunking perfume

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. The before and after!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
    It's really what I want in my house=)

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