Scenes From Michigan

That’s Melissa. She’s one of my best friends and she lives all the way in Michigan. She’s kind and funny and sweet and generous and loves all things vintage. I just got back Sunday from a wonderful week with her and her family! I gotta say, it was one of the best week’s I’ve had in a long time. Here’s a little bit about my trip.

One thing we did quite a bit of during the week was shopping. We wandered and smelled all the candles and ogled the Easter dishes and drank coffee. We even ventured out to the mall one day during a snowstorm, where I fell hard for the pink Le Creuset pots above. I was reminded how even window shopping with girlfriends can be such fun.

Amongst the shopping trips, we went to my beloved IKEA! This was Melissa’s first trip and I think I can safely say that she is now a believer. We had such fun daydreaming about future houses and sitting on the sofas. I walked away with picture ledges for my kitchen which made me quite happy.

We also played games a couple times with the whole family. This was one of my hands in Apples to Apples that, by the end of the week, turned out to be a better hand. Yeah, it was that bad. I don’t think I won any of the games we played, but it was so nice to sit and laugh together!

This picture was from the night we went swing dancing and then had a late night snack of strawberries and pizza rolls. We also drank all of the Dr. Pepper, like I said we would, and stayed up late watching chick flicks and talking and teasing. It was like having one big long sleepover.

Now I’m home and very glad to be! I did end up missing Dearest Carl and my kitty and my kitchen. But I woke up this morning feeling rested and ready to start working again. It also got me through the last dreary week of February so I can now daydream about the lilacs and Easter eggs and warmer temperatures that March will bring!

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