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What We’re Eating

As of yesterday, it’s officially spring! I do love spring. Leo Tolstoy says that “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Boy do we have that covered. We’re moving right along on the house projects and I have plans for our garden shimmering on the outer edges of my mind. Also, I got a bucket of flower food in the mail, just in time for a bouquet of daffodils from my mom. So now my lilacs can bloom and I’m prepared!

I’m trying a new soup this week. Of course I would wait until the last month of Monday Soups to try one that’s been on my list. That’s procrastination for you…

Monday: Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
Tuesday: Leftover Soup
Wednesday: Roasted Shrimp and Polenta
Thursday: Deviled Egg Salad
Friday: Cheese and Crackers

What are you eating this week?
(Image via The Rose Garden)

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