My Cat

This is my cat. I talk about him a lot. Charlie’s kinda like my kid in our kid-less house. I’ll even forgive him for eating my plants, and that’s saying something! Since he takes up so much space on the blog and my Instagram, I thought it was high time that he had a post of his own. So here’s Charlie, doing the things that he does best.

Cats find the funniest places to hide and get comfy. If there’s an empty box, he has to test it out. If there’s an open drawer, he’s sniffing around in it. We definitely picked the most curious of curious cats in the whole shelter. And the fluffiest.

One thing I adore about Charlie is that from the day we brought him home, he loves being with us. Almost 24/7, he’ll follow us around wherever we are or at least whoever is doing the most interesting thing. If we go upstairs, he’ll race us up to our room. If Dearest Carl is in the basement, he meows at the door and sits beside it until he comes up. When we have friends over, he hangs around to put cat hair all over their legs instead of hiding under the bed. When we come home from anywhere, you can see his little head at the back window, watching and waiting for us. I love that he just wants to be with us!

Charlie isn’t really a lap cat. Though he loves to be in the same room and every so often, he simply must be on the couch in between Dearest Carl and I, he won’t stay on my lap if I put him there. Dearest Carl’s lap is more comfortable I guess. But Charlie’s way of snuggling is to curl up by our legs and have one paw touching us. It’s hilarious.

This cat makes me so happy. He makes me smile every day and he brings laughter into our home. He’s definitely the best cat in the whole wide world. If you don’t believe me, come love on him yourself!


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