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What We’re Smelling

Things that smell good are my favorite. Whether it’s a crock pot dinner that simmers all day or flowers or Dearest Carl’s cologne, I just want to sniff and sniff and sniff. That’s why I try to make sure my house always smells good. Spring means I get to put away my warm smelling scents and pull out the florals! Currently I have three different ways to make our house smell amazing and it’s lovely to rotate them around during the week. So, here’s what we’re smelling!

On the coffee table in the living room, I have a candle in Fresh Cut Lilacs  that smells exactly like the purple blooms. It promises to tide me over until I can have the real thing. Plus it’s in a pretty purple jar that just looks Spring-y.

In the wax warmer in the kitchen, I dug into my Luna bar from Scentsy just this past weekend. Ooooooh my gosh. It smells soooooo gooooood. My cousin sells Scentsy products and I’m definitely sold on their bars. This one is a favorite! Even Dearest Carl likes it which is almost unheard of. Super win!

In our bedroom, we have the diffuser Dearest Carl got me for Christmas. It’s been so fun to experiment with my essential oils the last few months! Lately, I’ve been using a eucalyptus and lemon mix. It makes the whole room smell so clean and fresh. Eucalyptus is one of my all time favorite scents so it makes me very happy that I can have it in natural form in our bedroom.

What are your favorite spring scents?

(Image via Svenngarden)


  1. Looks cozy! We've been enjoying geranium in our diffuser

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