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A Peek at Our Project

Since we bought our house two years ago today, we’ve had a constant rotation of projects. You got to see the before and afters of our bedroom and our downstairs bathroom. I’ve talked a lot about the patio we installed by hand last summer (which I’ll hopefully be able to reveal soon!). We’ve also mostly finished our dining room and guest bedroom, though there’s still a few odds and ends to do. And that leads us to our current project.

When we moved in, our house had a front room that we called the “parlor” and a living room (the red room) next to it.


We tossed around a few ideas for the parlor but never really came up with an awesome plan for it’s use. So we decided it would be beneficial to knock out the wall between the two rooms and create one large living room. Here’s what it looks like now!

Not super glamorous at the moment but the wall is gone and even with the plastic barrier (to keep the plaster dust contained) it’s such a wonderful large space!

Okay. Now for the story. In the living room (the red room with the window seat), there was a hole in the ceiling due to water damage from a busted pipe. When we started to take down the wall, we knew we’d have to remove the ceiling (plaster and lathe) in that room and replace it. After about a week of tearing down and cleaning out, Dearest Carl realized that the floor in the bathroom above was noticeably sagging and the previous owners didn’t install the plumbing correctly. So then this happened:



Yes. Our upstairs bathroom is completely demolished. Dearest Carl removed the tiled shower (the space that took up the bare floor in the bottom picture) and has removed all the water lines and cut through the drywall and studs so raising the floor won’t interfere with the roof. Needless to say, it’s become a MUCH bigger project than we originally anticipated.

So currently my house has more disaster areas than put together areas. Our dining room is our living room. All our extra furniture that doesn’t fit anywhere is crammed into our spare bedroom. The laundry room and cubby are filled with tools and project necessities. Basically, it isn’t even worth spring cleaning my house right now. But I have dreams about what it will look like when it’s finished and the great big party we’ll have to celebrate. Because it will be wonderful!

(Top image via The Enchanted Cove)


  1. Wow! Quite the projects! We have been working on our house…have a few floors left…

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