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4 Picnic Styles: The French Picnic

French style picnics are probably my favorite. They’re all about fresh ingredients and effortlessness. This being the case, they’re probably the easiest because there usually isn’t much cooking involved. You can literally run by the store and as long as you have a pocket knife with you, you can prepare this picnic on your picnic blanket at your picnic location. Seriously. Here’s your menu for the best French picnic ever.
Cheese Plate – There is always cheese at a French picnic so planning on a cheese plate is a good idea. At the very least, have a hard cheese and a soft cheese. I like to have something hard, something soft, something crumbly and brie. It’s a winning combination.
French Baguette – Yes, this is a recipe for a French baguette, because fresh bread straight from your own oven is the best. But you don’t absolutely have to make it yourself. Stop in at your local bakery and get the best loaf of crusty bread you can find, French baguette or otherwise.
Monochrome Fruit Salad – You’ve probably seen pictures of French picnics that included grapes someplace. While grapes are a great choice for a picnic, you could also throw together an easy fruit salad that can also be eaten with your fingers.
Roast Chicken – If you need something that’s more filling and will make your cheese plate go farther, count on the roast chicken to help you out. You can make one in your crock pot or grab a rotisserie chicken on your way to the park.
Ginger Lemongrass Soda – This soda recipe sounds so light and refreshing! You use fresh ginger and lemongrass to make your syrup that you then combine with sparkling water when you’ve got your picnic blanket laid out.
Okay, now is the time to share your secret roast chicken recipes. Go.
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(Top image via Camille Styles)


  1. Roast the chicken in homemade kombucha…delicious!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I will keep that in mind!

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