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What We’re Eating

Mondays are good days in the Watkins’ household. Mondays are usually the days when both Dearest Carl and I work from home. We sit on the couch and I research for my articles and he works and the cat insists on curling up between us to have his afternoon nap. Mondays are usually slow days when I water the plants and do the laundry and we talk about house projects in between tasks. Mondays are the days when we slide back into the weekly routine of work and projects and events. I like Mondays.

This week I have a lot of recipe links for you! I’ve been craving a good breakfast sandwich on crusty bread for weeks now so I decided to forgo tonight’s quiche in favor of that. It’s a good trade.

Monday: Breakfast BLT and Fresh Mango
Tuesday: Nectarine and Tomato Salad, Sliced Parmesan and Crackers
Wednesday: Salmon Guac Bacon Wraps and Fresh Mango
Thursday: Pan Crisped Deviled Egg Salad
Fri: Pizza

What are you eating this week?

(Image via The Pretty Bee)

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