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4 Picnic Styles: The Brunch Picnic

Where I live, there are some summer days when the only time you can be outdoors is in the morning, while the dew is still on the grass, before the heat makes the air close and intolerable. So if you have your heart set on a picnic, you have to be creative. Like taking your breakfast outside! And really, even if you aren’t escaping the heat, why not take a lovely Saturday morning breakfast to the park instead of to your dining room table? So I’ve gathered a few recipes that will transport easily from your kitchen to your favorite picnicking spot.

Mini Quiche – I adore quiche. Eggs and cheese mixed together with whatever veggies and meat you like. Make them small so they’ll be easy to pack and easily eaten with fingers instead of cutlery.

Sweet Potato Hash Cups – Have you ever had sweet potato hash? Once you make it, you’ll never go back to regular potato hash. I promise it’s one of the best recipe switches you’ll ever make.

Strawberry Bruschetta on Avocado Toast – If it’s brunch, that means there is something more like lunch than breakfast. That something is this fruity bruschetta with avocado on toast. The perfect amount of springtime sweetness.

Fried Plantains – Speaking of sweetness, now is the time to try those fried plantains you’ve been eyeing. Add honey and cinnamon for a dessert like dish.

Iced Coffee – Once you’ve eaten this delicious fare, drown it all with a cold cup of iced coffee. There are so many recipes for flavored syrups that you’ll never run dry.

Is there are way you can make your favorite brunch food picnic friendly? Send your ideas this way!

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  1. Absolutely my favorite so far!!!! I'm a breakfast fan, and these are perfectly adaptable to the outdoors…

  2. I just made fried plantains last week… Will have to try the potato hash…sounds delicious!

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