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Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy and DIY

Mother’s Day is such a special holiday. A day to say thank you for not just the meals and clean laundry and chauffeuring, but for the hugs and the listening ear and the sacrifices and the love. We give them cards because sometimes we just can’t find the right words. We buy them flowers because they deserve beautiful things always. And if you can throw in a special gift, you probably get brownie points. The best kinds of gifts are the ones that have options to buy and DIY. I’ve found eight that I’m sure your mom will love.

Floral Scrub (Buy, DIY) – Most moms I know are so busy, showers are a thing to be done and over with and what even is a bath? Gifting her some lovely smelling sugar scrub will encourage her to take a few extra minutes to pamper herself.

Stamped Necklace (Buy, DIY) – What mom doesn’t adore personalized jewelry? Stamped necklaces are easy to make and simple to buy. You can make a stamped necklace with her own single initial or the initials of all her kids.

Tea Towel (Buy, DIY) – If your mom is always making something in the kitchen, she’ll love getting a gorgeous tea towel to pretty things up.

Candles (Buy, DIY) – Candles can be easily smelled and bought and burned, but did you know that they’re also very DIYable? With your stock of essential oils too!

Lip Balm (Buy, DIY) – You’ve probably made lip balm at one point in your life. My suggestion, make this gift yourself or make sure the tin you buy is super pretty.

Trinket Dish (Buy, DIY) – Some moms have a set of jewelry they always wear. A pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring, something you have never seen her without. Gift a pretty jewelry dish to keep her trinkets safe while she’s cooking or sleeping or exercising.

Clutch (Buy, DIY) – It’s a fact that moms carry large purses. But who wants to take that out on a date night or to a play? Buy or DIY her a little clutch that she can easily throw her necessities in and be on her way.

Pretty Books (Buy, DIY) – You probably know already that if you read, you most likely have a favorite book or two that’s worn to tatters. If your mom is a reader, buy her a fresh new copy of an old falling apart favorite. Or sneak that old falling apart favorite away and give it a new cover yourself with pretty scrapbook paper!

What are you giving your mom for Mother’s Day?

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