Loving Your Husband When You Both Work From Home

Dearest Carl and I both work from home. While some of you may think that is a dream scenario, it has it’s pitfalls. Yes, I get to spend almost 24/7 with my husband, but I most often feel the need for alone time at the end of the day instead of yearning to be with my husband. Loving Dearest Carl is different when we’re together all the time. It has to be more intentional, more creative, more than the usual laundry and dinner. So here’s a few things I’ve discovered in this adventure, both new thoughts and old hats.

– Keep one of his favorite treats in stock. Dearest Carl loves cookies so if I don’t have the time to make them myself, I’ll buy a package of some he loves instead so he always has his after lunch treat.

– Let him pick the movie. After he’s been working so hard all day, give him a chance to watch something gritty, even if you have to close your eyes through half of it.

– Keep things clean. It was easier to clean the house when I was gone all day because I would come home and see the mess with fresh eyes. Nowadays, I can be extremely unmotivated to vacuum and dust. But I’ve learned that if I don’t do it, my Dearest Carl will. So I’ve been trying harder to keep an eye out for what needs doing and at least keep things looking nice.

– Make him meals. Yeah, you probably already make him dinner every night, but if you’re both working from home, it can be a real sacrifice to make him three meals a day. So instead of blazing through the lunch hour with your green tea and almonds, put together a sandwich to share.

– Listen to his music. Instead of turning up your own tunes, blare his favorite soundtrack or something that will have him smiling too.

– Do one of his chores once in a while. If he usually takes out the trash, do it yourself. If he usually cleans the litter box, surprise him by having it done. This will be especially effective for guys who’s love language is acts of service.

– Randomly kiss him throughout the day. Dearest Carl and I often sit side by side on the couch, working away, and it surprises me how sometimes, a whole day passes and I’ve barely even looked at him. Make a habit to give him a quick random kiss at the top of the hour and you’ll find that kissing throughout the day will become more of a habit.

– Put on makeup. Can I just say, ouch… When I’m not going anywhere, it’s all to easy to roll out of bed, throw on my comfiest clothes and not take a second look in the mirror until I wash my face before bed. He’s voiced his displeasure. I’m sure he’s not the only one. Challenged? I am.

– When he does leave the house, sneak him a note. I used to put notes in Dearest Carl’s lunch all the time. But now that he doesn’t take his lunchbox to work every day, I have to save them for when he goes to meetings or to a job somewhere miles away. I’ve also left him notes on the kitchen counter when I’m leaving and he’s not. Like I said, creativity!

– Make the most of your time spent not working. You know those questions all over Pinterest? The things to ask your spouse on a date night? Use them! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re connecting just because you’re both home all the time. It can be suuuuuuper easy to neglect your relationship because you’re together all the time. Make an effort to connect. Even if it’s just asking questions over dinner or going to bed a bit early to talk before you fall asleep. Be intentional. You’ll be glad you did.

What are things you do to love your husband at home?

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  1. This is so helpful, and we find ourselves dealing with some of the same things now that the kids aren't home as much! Excellent thoughts for me today, Casey!

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