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Frivolous Friday

You guys, it’s summer. My husband announced it this week. My new swimsuit came in the mail. My weekends on the calendar are filling up fast. I’m almost done with my current book so I can jump into my summer read. I agree with Dearest Carl. Summer is here!

This weekend we’re going to my little brother’s graduation ceremony (sniff) on Saturday and a big spaghetti dinner at our church Sunday. Maaaaaaybe we’ll get some house work done somewhere in there. Also, I really need to fill the cookie jar before I start getting nudged about it three times a day. No, my husband is not subtle about this issue.

What are you up to this weekend?

We only got 4 minutes

5 Tips to Your Decorating Style

Perfect summery dessert

I’ll take that couch thank you

Never host it alone

I spotted every single one

The French are basically perfect

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I like the couch as well. We don't actually have a couch…when we visited my parents last year I realized my 3 year old didn't know what a couch is.. 🙂 We have 3 rocking chiars in our living-room and a person and a half chair. The rocking chairs were all given to us…one my mom bought when expecting me, one belonged to my great grandma and one given to us by a couple at church.

  2. Free furniture is the best! 🙂 Our current couch was given to us when we got married and now that it's served it's purpose, I'm using our living room reno as an excuse to buy a new one. 😉

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