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Father’s Day Gifts to Buy and DIY

I cannot believe that Father’s Day is in just a few weeks! When it comes to gifts for dads, I run out of ideas quickly. It’s difficult when neither of my father or my father-in-law are beard wearing, beer drinking, sports loving men. Not that I’m complaining. Both my fathers are wonderful men and I love them dearly! But finding gifts for them is basically impossible. Last years Father’s Day post was beast. This year… well I did my best. So between the two of them, you should find something for your dad too!

Dad Mug (Buy, DIY) – For lots of dads, coffee is their beverage of choice. Give them a mug that will remind them every day how special you think they are.

Wood Frame (Buy, DIY) – I don’t think I know a dad who wouldn’t want a nice updated photo on his office desk. Whether you buy the frame or make it, he’ll enjoy being able to look at his family every day.

Chord Organizer (Buy, DIY) – iPhones, iPads, computers, most people are swimming in chords these days. Dads that travel will especially appreciate something to wrangle all his charging cables.

Gingersnaps (Buy, DIY) – When all else fails, give your dad food. I have gifted these gingersnaps before and can attest to their deliciousness. Or grab your apron and make some yourself.

Okay. Now it’s your turn to send your best Father’s Day gift ideas my way!

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