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What We’re Eating

Home again home again and oh so glad to be. I got home a little after 1AM this morning so please excuse the lateness of this post.

How was your weekend? Mine was great, including water gun fights, pizza, late nights, drama, hugs from little arms and lots of girl talk. But I’m glad that today is Monday and I’m thankful for jobs that allow me to work from my air conditioned bedroom. Today I will send emails and gather content for my articles and kiss Dearest Carl and drink at least one can of the Cran-Raspberry flavored La Croix in my fridge. Tonight’s dinner is basically cheating but the rest of the week should be good!

Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Chicken Bundles and Fruit
Wednesday: Pan Crisped Deviled Eggs Salad and Summer Sausage
Thursday: Cookout with friends!
Friday: Meatloaf and Steamed Broccoli

What are you eating on these last few days of June?

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