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Sunshine Travels: Santorini Greek Kitchen

Dearest Carl and I love finding new places to eat. Two weeks ago, we visited the Santorini Greek Kitchen for the first time and for our first real taste of Greek food. We were both very impressed and delighted with what we found!

They begin by serving warm bread, topped with olive oil and herbs, and Greek salad in a deliciously tangy dressing. Dearest Carl said it was the first time he’d ever eaten an olive with the pit still in it.

Dinner dishes are served with green beens, rice pilaf and potatoes. The rice pilaf was wonderful and the Dearest Carl loved the potatoes so much, he ate the ones I couldn’t finish. The green beens were good but they were a bit spicy for me.

I ordered the gyro pictured above and it was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! Tender lamb piled on a warm pita, smothered in tzaziki sauce and feta cheese, topped with tomatoes and onions. The flavors all together were just delicious. Dearest Carl had the leg of lamb which was drowned in the most wonderful garlicy gravy that I have to figure out how to make at home.

In all, we both loved our meal and we will definitely be going back again. If you’re in the Fountain Square area anytime soon, try it for yourself!


  1. love!!! I'm going to have to try this place one day=) it's on my list!!!!

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