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What We’re Eating

Happy July Fourth! Can you believe we’re officially halfway through 2016? How are you doing with your resolutions? I’m not doing so shabby myself!

Tonight we were supposed to have a swing dancing party in our backyard, complete with string lights and fireworks, but it looks like we might be rained out. Which means moving the party to a new location and playing board games while we wait for enough darkness to shoot fireworks. Because our house will be far from fit to host a big indoor party for a while. I’m a little bit disappointed but I’m sure it will still be a great night!

I have been craving stuffed shells recently. I even went to Olive Garden in attempt to satisfy my craving without making them myself but OG disappointed in this area. So this week, stuffed shells are on the menu! And scallops. Because seafood is my fave.

Monday: Frozen Pizza
Tuesday: Cucumber Goat Cheese Roll Ups and Cherries
Wednesday: Stuffed Shells and Scallops
Thursday: Leftover Stuffed Shells
Friday: Eating with the Watkins family which usually means pizza

We’re making buckets of popcorn for our party tonight. What goodies are you eating today?
(Image via @jasminedowling)

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