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Date Night: Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day! I first celebrated Bastille Day with a friend, making French flag cupcakes. Since then, the date has been on my calendar because it’s the perfect excuse pretend you’re French. Plus, people will be really impressed with you’re knowledge of history when you’re able to tell them what Bastille Day is. My favorite is when I get to make the French holiday into a date night. Because themed date nights rock! While we actually celebrated it yesterday for a friend’s birthday, I thought I should still give you a little inspiration for your own Bastille Day Date Night. To really get the feel for it, you’ll need these four things.
String Lights: You know how in all the nighttime Paris pictures, the city just seems to sparkle? Get that effect in your living room with some string lights! If you have the bigger bulbs, awesome. If not, a strand of Christmas lights will do just as well.

Little Red Dress: It doesn’t have to be fancy. French fashion shows us just how effective a breeze dress can be. But if red just isn’t your color, you can totally wear stripes too.

Entertainment: Our at home date nights usually have a movie that matches the theme. While the first French movie to come to mind might be Les Mis, I prefer Paris When It Sizzles for Bastille Day. It’s sweet, quirky, French and stars Audrey Hepburn. Consider yourself convinced.

Cheese Plate: There is a lot of French food you could make for your date night, but a cheese plate is possibly the easiest and most summery dish. Our local Aldi has so many kinds of good cheese! We always have Parmesan and Brie and I usually switch out Havarti or Gouda. Pair with a cold sausage, crackers and finger fruit and you’re ready to be French!

So what do you think? Will you add Bastille Day to your calendar?

(Top image via Domestic Fashionista)


  1. Oh my!!! thanks for the wonderful ideas…i'm totally going to do this sometime=)

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