Think Pink

I love pink. I spent my childhood wanting to be a ballerina, to wear the pink tutus. Then I went through an anti-pink phase probably because I had anti-pink friends. Pink was too soft and girly and un-cool. After that came the idea that if you wanted to decorate with pink, you had to do the shabby chic thing with all the roses and lace and that’s not what I wanted. So in the last year or so, pink and I have been getting reacquainted. I’ve realized that the color just makes me happy! Also, I can decorate with it and I don’t have to go all lace and frills. Life changing stuff, I know. Over time, I’ve created quite a wish list of pink things, for me and our house. Here’s a few!

What are your feelings on pink?
(Top image via @elianagolomb)

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