My Bucket List

Some people have long bucket lists. Things that they want to accomplish in their lifetime. It’s always a fun subject for the dinner table. I have a bucket list too but mine isn’t very big. I’m not a person who likes taking risks and I’m pretty content with my life right now. So you can forget all thoughts of skydiving and sailing the high seas. The latest thing I crossed of my list was to marry the man I love so much. Now I’m happily installed in our lovely home which makes for a pretty dull bucket list. But if you care to read it, here it is:

– Make the perfect cup of iced coffee at home. It feels like this is an impossibility some days. But then some days I get really close! Someday it will happen, I can feel it.

– Buy a book that I wrote from Barnes and Noble. I used to think I would write a fantasy novel for young adults. And I still might. But now I wonder if it will be a children’s book instead.

– Become a mom. You know all about this.

– Go to Ireland. This has been on my bucket list ever since I can remember. I want to stand in green fields watching the ocean waves. I want to explore an empty crumbling castle. I want to see history that’s older than anything we have in America.

– Live next to a cornfield. Or in between cornfields. Or even surrounded by cornfields. I just love the open space.

What are some cool things on your bucket list?

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