On The Nightstand

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what I’m reading. And boy have I got some good stuff for summer! At the moment, here’s what’s on my nightstand (along with my Darling Magazine).

Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser: I have read three other books by this author and I’m smitten. She’s a Christian writer but isn’t pushy about it and she tells a really good story, especially about historical people. This one is about George Washington’s wife, Martha. It’s written in first person so you feel like you get to know Martha’s soul in the pages. Almost like reading a journal.

Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman: You know those books where you read a chapter and then have to stop and let it sink in? That’s this one of those. It’s basically a book that challenges the world’s push to be rich and famous and encourages you to embrace the simple normal uneventful Tuesdays instead. I’m all over it.

There hasn’t been much time to read around here so I’m only a few chapters into each book. But I’m looking forward to spending lots of hours in these pages over vacation!

What’s on your nightstand this summer?

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