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Breakfast In A Cabin

Scrolling through Instagram and Tumbler will invariably make you wish that you were having breakfast in a peaceful quiet spot in the woods somewhere. I’m with you! A lazy breakfast in a cabin in the woods where you linger over coffee and eat off of enamel plates is the best kind. Next week Dearest Carl and I will be in our cabin in the woods where I’ll be eating those slow breakfasts. Be glad I won’t have access to Instagram.

But there is one difficult thing about these breakfasts. Making deliciousness away from my own kitchen. I don’t have the normal ingredients on hand so I either have to think very simply or prepare things in advance. Here are a few tricks that make our cabin smell great in the morning and give us a yummy start to a day in the woods!

Eggs: Classic, right? Scrambled, fried, on a slice of bread. Pair them with sausage or bacon for something a little more filling and if you want to get fancy, bring along some chopped chives and cheese!

Cinnamon Rolls: I have never made homemade cinnamon rolls. But if that’s your game, make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge until the morning they’re ready to be baked. If you’re more like me, grab a can from the grocery and pop ’em in the oven.

Blueberry Pancakes: It’s vacation so go ahead and splurge on the biggest package of blueberries possible. For the pancake batter, you can bring a box of Bisquick or make your dry mix ahead to store in a jar. If you make these other recipes, you’ll already have eggs and milk in the fridge. Don’t forget syrup!

Gravy and Biscuits: Some sausage, a bit of flour, a splash of milk and a can of premade biscuits will give you one of the best breakfasts around. Just what you’ll want to eat before a day of hiking and swimming!

What kinds of breakfasts do you make on vacation?

(Top image via Toronto Food Photographer)

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