Still Waiting

It’s been a while since I posted about this. But this month I’m acknowledging the three year mark. So in case you were wondering, here’s where I am right now:

3 Years
36 Disappointments
1095 Wishes
26280 Prayers
Countless tears

One more announcement
Another account unfollowed
Managing jealousy
Asking questions
Wondering why not me

Weary of seeking
Tired of waiting
Overworked hoping
Stale praying
Empty smiling

Squash back the dreams
Force off the fear
Push down the tears
Live in the moment
Choose my story

Another year to wait
Another month to hope
Another day to wish
Another hour to pray
Another tear for the bottle

Someday, it will be okay.

(Image via @cascompton)


  1. beautiful words…from an equally beautiful heart! xoxo

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