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Four Years Later

Four years today, you guys. Four flipping years! How can I have been married for four years already?! Time flies whether you want it to or not. I remember finding all these nuisances when we lived in the apartment and pining for a house and now that we have one, I look back on those days as golden. Literally. Sitting with him, eating dinner in our little yellow kitchen was golden. They were good and carefree times. But that doesn’t mean this third year of marriage hasn’t had it’s highlights! We’ve been much busier with house projects so the list is a bit shorter, but we still have some fun memories.

Favorite Memories
– Having bonfires on our newly finished patio.
– Dressing up in our Star Wars best for Halloween.
– Participating in the Drumstick Dash together for the first time.
– Building a gingerbread house, complete with granola bar chimney.
– Hosting a large New Years Eve party at our house, complete with fireworks.
– Meeting with a Mormon team several times, causing us to dig deeper into our faith.
– Celebrating our birthdays with friends.
– Going camping in Missouri with the Watkins siblings.
– Having our own marriage weekend at home.
– Babysitting for friends from church.
– Finally visiting the Chicago family together.
– Vacationing in Lincoln State Park.

Marriage Lessons
There’s really one lesson that’s stuck with me this year. The marriage ceremony revolves around two people becoming one, but for years I’ve struggled with how to do that. How do two people become one? Are we supposed to have scads of hobbies together? Are we supposed to read our Bibles together every day? Is there a rainbow pill that will fix it? Well this year I discovered that the answer is time. Time will make you feel like two bodies with one shadow. Time will sew you together, stitch by stitch. Time, and all it’s growing and sharing and moments and memories, will make two people into one.

So while we have our disagreements and frustrations with each other, I still feel a bit lost and aimless when we’re apart. I have trouble falling asleep if I can’t play footsie with him under the covers. I look forward to the Sunday afternoons when I get him all to myself. My hand still feels at home when it’s in his. Time has brought us closer and as great as it is now, I can’t wait to see how it will be in another four years!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Your marriage has been a wonderful example to many who are following in your footsteps.
    love you both <3

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