Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Thanks for all the lovely anniversary wishes! It was truly a wonderful day. Dearest Carl surprised me with roses and chocolate and dinner at one of my very favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot! And he let me pick the chocolate fondu. So he got a lot of brownie points yesterday and I’m looking forward to a weekend together, working on the house and doing just a few other special things. Because how else do you celebrate a long weekend?

Also, can I just say that the weather here was gorgeous yesterday? It makes me a bit sad that I didn’t get to spend any time outside! But I pulled out my Fall nail polish for our dinner out and I’m thinking over some Fall decorating and burning out all my summer candles as fast as I can. Are you ready for Fall?

You get brave when I get shy

Cozy and colorful

These just sound cozy

Breakfast in children’s books

A place to eat those breakfasts

Now we know

Public service announcement

Have a fantastic long weekend!

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  1. the Scandinavian style house is omg!!!!

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