Right Now…

Cooking: Soup, soup erry day.

Drinking: Crock Pot Spiced Cider.

Wanting: The living room to be finished.

Looking: At all the Iceland articles.

Deciding: Which curtains to get for the living room.

Wishing: My best friends lived closer.

Enjoying: Snuggles from Charlie.

Waiting: For the Christmas Starbucks cups. #redcupwatch

Loving: Our freshly painted living room.

Listening: To this playlist.

Watching: The Crown on Netflix.

Hoping: We’ll be done with our projects in time to put up the tree.

Needing: A new winter coat.

Wearing: Sweat pants and hoodies all week.

Following: This new-to-me blog.

Thinking: About Christmas presents.

Giggling: At this video Dearest Carl found.

Feeling: So grateful for all the hard work my husband does.

Embracing: Every little bit of these last days of Fall.


  1. awe love this!!!! <3

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